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JFW Navigation Keys

Here are some useful keystrokes for navigating a Web page with Internet Explorer and Jaws. These keystrokes work best when the JAWS Virtual Cursor is turned on (the default setting when running Internet Explorer). The second table contains a set of keystrokes for navigating tables. This information was compiled by Steve Dresser at DOIT.

If you want JAWS to ... THEN press ...
Toggle PC/Virtual Cursor INSERT + Z
Speak list of links INSERT + F7
Speak list of frames INSERT + F9
Speak tool bar items INSERT + F8
Speak address bar INSERT + A
Navigate to address bar INSERT + A (pressed twice quickly)
Focus to first field CTRL + INSERT + Home
Read Current Screen CTRL + INSERT + Down Arrow
Read Next Screen CTRL + Page Down
Read Prior Screen CTRL + Page Up
Move to next link TAB
Move to prior link SHIFT + TAB
Move to Next Frame CTRL + TAB
Move to prior frame SHIFT + CTRL + TAB
Speak current link INS + TAB
Open a list box ALT + Down Arrow
Go Back a page ALT + Left Arrow
Go Forward a page ALT + Right Arrow
Reformat/linearize page INS + F5
Restore reformatted page to original F5
Speak the Title Bar INS + T
Announce active cursor and position ALT + DEL
Navigate to first control INS + CTRL + Home
Activate forms mode Numpad Slash or Enter

Table Navigation Keystrokes (JFW 3.7 and above)

If you want JAWS to ... THEN press ...
Navigate to next cell in table ALT + CTRL + Right Arrow
Navigate to previous cell in table ALT + CTRL + Left Arrow
Say current cell ALT + CTRL + NumPad 5
Move up one cell ALT + CTRL + Up Arrow
Move down one cell Alt + CTRL + Down Arrow
Move to first cell in table ALT + CTRL + Home
Move to last cell in table ALT + CTRL + End