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Instructions for installing the Lynx Browser

Follow the link provided on the State of Connecticut Accessibility Subcommittee Tools page for Lynx.

On that page ( ), scroll down until you see the words: "Here are my offerings". Under that is a link to a version that says "(last stable)"; select that link. Save the .zip file to your hard drive.

Create a new folder under your root hard drive; keep the folder name to under 8 characters (example, I used C:\lynx).

Use an unzipping tool (ex: Winzip) to extract the file to that folder. Allow the unzip to preserve folder names.

Find a file in the "Samples" folder named Lynx.bat. Copy and Paste that file into the parent lynx folder. Open that file in your text editor (ex: Notepad). Change all drive and folder references to your drive and folder where lynx now resides. Here is an example:

Original lynx.bat from Samples folder:


set term=vt100

set home=d:\win32

set temp=d:\tmp

set lynx_cfg=d:\win32\lynx.cfg

d:\win32\lynx.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

My changed version in c:\lynx folder:


set term=vt100

set home=c:\lynx

set temp=c:\tmp

set lynx_cfg=c:\lynx\lynx.cfg

c:\lynx\lynx.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

Now you have a bat file that you can execute to start Lynx. I created a shortcut to this bat and put it on my Start Menu.

-- written by Bev Bellisio, DMR


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